Exclusive Service is a privately owned Commercial Cleaning company in London, who has been serving London’s finest Retailers and Offices since 2008. In this time, we have learned and understood that all service sectors have a unique set of changing requirements, in response to the demands of their industry.

With our team’s wealth of industry knowledge, we provide our customers with a transparent, professional and high- quality service, that will ensure the effective use of resources and value for money. We differentiate ourselves from other cleaning companies, by entering into a collaborative working relationship with all of our clients. This means that our General Manager and our Area Manager personally monitor our clients’ sites, by carrying out monthly and quarterly quality reviews to ensure that we are continuously and consistently meeting and exceeding our client’s needs.

In order to fulfil our promises to our clients we rely heavily on our people. We strive to attract, select and retain employees who will exemplify our core values (respect, fairness and dignity) at every customer site. We seek out superior employees from diverse backgrounds and cultures and give them the necessary training, encourage them to be responsible and accountable for their work, and reward them for exceptional performance. Our employee focussed approach has proven itself to be extremely successful over the years, with some of our cleaners completing over 8 years of service with us.


Commercial Cleaning Services for Central & Greater London

Open and honest communication

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your commercial cleaning queries in London.


A supervisor is placed on every customer site, so that there is always someone on site who is knowledgeable of your site’s unique requirements.

Contract Management

We carry out quarterly reviews of each site with our clients and monthly quality checks with our cleaners to ensure that our service continues to fulfil the needs of the contract.


All of our vehicles, equipment and cleaning products are fully branded you’ll know exactly who is on your premises from a security point of view.